Thursday, May 13, 2010

Online, I am...

When I am online, I am either a slacker or a worker. I barely go on the computer at my house, because I don't use a lot of social networking sites. I don't use Youtube much, because I don't listen to a lot of music, and funny videos get boring after a while. I also don't play many games, because I can't play them at home, and there is too much work to be done here at school. Don't get me wrong, the internet is great and everything, but to me it's just another one of those things I could live without if I had to. Many kids really would be almost dead without the internet, because it would make our work so much harder. We would actually have to browse the books in the libraries to get our info! In short, I don't absolutely need or use the internet much, except when I have to.

With this paragraph, I answered the question of an online blogging challenge site. The question was: "What kind of online user are you?"

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