Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Year's Progress...

Throughout this school year, I have written a total of 28 blog posts. All of them were the ones I was required to write for school, but I mixed my own passion and intrest into those posts. I have only got a few comments on my posts, and those were the ones that I really had to think about to answer. The post I recieved the most comments on was "When I write." One was from a teacher who wanted me to check out this kind of contest, and the other was from an anonymous person. I must admit, my favorite post was probably the one where I described the first episode of my favorite anime series, "Death Note."
As for the actual blog page, I did make a couple changes. I picked a blue color scheme to start, but switched to black because it better suits the name "Death Boy239." I'm not trying to make myself sound intimidating with that name, so don't automatically think that. It was a username I used for an online multiplayer game when I was like 8 years old, and I never really let go of it. I use it for pretty much everything now, besides a few certain websites.
However, I used a couple things on my blog that I like. the widgets are a good example. I have stuff like my universal translator, a map of people who visit my blog, which I called "Death's Quota Map," and a Voki I accidentaly deleted that pictured a skeloten that said "DB239 Forever." I actually loved that Voki.
I talked to a couple people and asked them to give an opinion on my blog, and they kind've laughed at it. The whole goth look of the blog doesn't suit my personality at all, was their first and pretty much only comment. They thought I should just drop the name and make something that suits me better.